Implementing ISO 8000


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Add pioneering ISO 8000 technology into your business portfolio

Why join the Koios Master Data Partner Program?


Expand your business faster by adding the KOIOS Master Data Product Suite to your service portfolio


Enable your clients to satisfy ISO 22745 and ISO 8000 and sell more products


Works across manufacturing, retail and finance business sectors

How the Partner Program works

Number 1

Wrap your services around our market leading software to provide a complete ISO 22745 and ISO 8000 delivery proposition for your clients

Number 2

Demonstrate to your clients the power of the KOIOS Master Data product suite

Number 3

Encourage your clients to sign up and renew year-in year-out

Number 4

Receive generous commissions for all successful referrals

Why do companies partner with KOIOS Master Data?

Earn Revenue

Build new revenue streams, receive generous commissions and enjoy automatic annual renewals

Scale their business

Expand your services, minimal investment and global opportunities

Be supported

Receive quality training, steer our product roadmap, leverage partner tools and events and resources

Partners include…

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