Implementing ISO 8000


What is a QUIP?

A QUIP quality identifier consists of up to 254 UTF-8 characters as specified in ISO 8000 part 115 and developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The quality identifier starts with a prefix element and ends with an identifier element. The quality identifier is designed to enable clear and unique identification of a data set, with the prefix element identifying the legal owner of that data set, and the identifier element resolving to a data set that conforms to ISO 8000 part 110.
What does ISO 8000 say?

“Most commonly an identifier is a reference to a data set managed by the legal owner of the identifier and as such, it is an alias for a master data record. Identifiers are widely exchanged by governments and commercial companies to reference data used to describe individuals, organizations, locations, goods, services, assets, processes, procedures, laws, rules and regulations.

Examples of identifiers include: vehicle registration number (license plate), vehicle identification number (VIN), driver’s permit number, social security number, national identity card number, student number, employee number, passport number, tax identification number, IP address, telephone number, email address, domain name, part number, batch number, serial number, customer number, supplier number, concept identifiers.

While identifiers are designed to be used internally within a system that belongs to an organization, frequently those organizations exchange identifiers with external trading partners. These identifiers become aliases for data that is controlled and managed by the legal owner of the identifier. The ability to identify legal owners and any use restrictions as well as to resolve identifiers is an important part of verifying and validating the quality of master data”

How will it help my search results

The main internet search engines have adopted this standard, and if you search for an identifier and prefix it with the name of the legal owner followed by a colon, you will have much better results returned.

You can try this out by searching for the term 25C. The search will return some 30m results, and buried in the results somewhere will be an HP calculator, but nowhere near the first page. If you now search for the term HP:25C the top (unsponsored) result will be a calculator from the HP museum of calculators.

So what is a quality identifier prefix name or QUIP?
A quality identifier prefix name (QUIP) is a unique name or alpha-numeric character string that represents the legal owner of the data set, this may be the manufacturer or provider of a specific item or service.  The registration and management of the QUIP mirror the registration and management of your domain name (DNS), but with a different registrar and registry.

What are the advantages of a quality identifier?
  • A quality identifier eliminates failed orders due to cancellation or corrections;
  • QUIP and KOIOS Master Data is the key to straight through processing in the order management lifecycle;
  • A QUIP provides a clear connection between a part and the correct supplier for the part;
  • A quality identifier enables online validation of identifiers and technical specification without the costly manual input and time to perform: data cleaning, cataloging, codification and data enriching;
  • A quality identifier uniquely identifies products and replacements parts and links them to corresponding ISO Technical Specifications (ISO 22745).  You must have a QUIP (An NCAGE or Prefix) to be compliant with ISO 22745;
  • Quality identifiers are the low-cost new global solution to ensuring quality data;
  • Quality data leverages your existing investments in ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, etc.;
  • Adopting quality identifiers requires no new and costly system upgrades;
  • Large companies and governments around the world are embracing the QUIP solution and mandating their partners do the same;
  • A QUIP Prefix protects your brand name;
  • Similar to a Domain Name, a QUIP protects your brand by making sure no other company can use your brand name with its products;
  • A quality identifier makes exchanging data easier and is unambiguous.

How can I register my QUIP?

To register your QUIP you need to register as a user of KOIOS. Once you have entered your details and selected a secure passord you will be able to access the KOIOS software.

Select ‘Company’ on the main meu and then click on ‘Profile’ to open the registration screen. Find an available QUIP Identifier, and then follow the instructions to register and pay for it.

Register your QUIP here