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Do you need to create ISO 8000 compliant product specifications using a multilingual standards-based technical dictionary?

Discover how quickly you can use our KOIOS software to build your ISO 8000 compliant technical specifications and publish them for your customers to evaluate and use.

Unsure of the benefits of adopting ISO 8000?

Find out how G20 countries and leading global manufacturing organisations are looking to save significant costs throughout their entire supply chain – from product selection to purchasing to installation to operation and to long term maintenance.

Are you looking to understand how authoritative identifiers (QUIP) will help customers find your products and prevent supply chain fraud?

Heard about QUIP but not quite sure what is it and how it works?

Are you looking for guidance on how to register for your QUIP?

Sign up to KOIOS and we will register your QUIP for you.

Do you export to Saudi Arabia and want to know how you can meet their ISO 8000 product data requirements?

Find out how Vision 2030 will impact your business and discover why KOIOS Master Data can help you meet ISO 8000 quickly and efficiently.

Making product data flow through the international supply chain

At KOIOS Master Data we work hard for manufacturers, distributors and end-buyers to remove time and cost throughout the supply chain, and enable businesses and economies to be more productive. To do this we have created a suite of cloud based software products that enable organisations to create, share and use ISO 8000 compliant product specifications quickly and easily, with all trusted supply chain partners, regardless of language constraints.

Manufacturers will increase sales by reaching a larger market, and enabling their distributors to put the most  complete, accurate and timely product data in front of their customers. Importantly, the specifications use authoritative identifiers and product data provenance to protect manufacturers from potential counterfeit goods and supply chain fraud.

Buyers will gain cost-savings and operational efficiency by simplifying how product data is sourced. Buyers can purchase legitimate quality goods with confidence from manufacturers and distributors who use authoritative identifiers and product data provenance. Buyers can reduce exposure to fraudulent supply chain activities and the risk of purchasing counterfeit goods or goods from an inappropriate point of origin.

Reasons to create ISO 8000 Product Specifications

International Trade

You need to meet the emerging product data requirements from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and South Korea for tariff identification


Clean Data

If your corporate dictionary has terms with no definitions, has data duplication, cannot readily be read in other languages, is not machine readable and lacks provenance then now is the time to switch.

Reduce Costs

You want to improve data quality throughout the supply chain and avoid costly inefficiencies with product sourcing and purchasing

Improve eCommerce

You are introducing eCommerce and need to ensure your product data is complete, accurate and easy to maintain

Reduce Exposure to Fraud

Use authoritative identifiers and product data provenance to prove ownership, point of origin, and who you are, to reduce exposure to fraudulent supply chain activities


Product Information Management

You want to share detailed complete and accurate product data consistently throughout the supply chain with your trusted partners electronically

Why use the ground-breaking software from KOIOS Master Data?

Manufacturing Database

We have the largest multi-lingual concept (terms and definitions) database in the industry enabling rapid creation of your dictionary and product specifications


Great User Experience

Streamlined user experience based on industry best practice and client feedback ensuring our software requires minimal training


System Interfaces

The software interfaces with many ERP, Procurement, PIM and Punch-Out Catalogue systems. Bespoke interfaces can be supported too

PIM System

KOIOS can be  your single trusted source of product data for your entire organisation, holding your rmaster product, price and other related information such as drawings and documents

Creating ISO 8000 Product Specifications with KOIOS

A concept represents a class, a property or a property value. Each concept has a number of terms and definitions associated with it to accurately describe it. These terms and definitions can be in multiple languages ensuring that everyone can use their prefered language to use the KOIOS software and create their Identification Guides and Catalogue Items. The collection of concepts used by a manufacturer is their Concept Dictionary. An example of a concept ……

Industries we serve

Oil and Gas


Aerospace and Defence


Power and Transmission

Retail & Hospitality

The largest manufacturing ISO 8000 compliant concept database

Number of terms and definitions for all concepts

Total records


































Our Services Team will ensure you get the best out of KOIOS


Getting Started

Our Services team will help you get started and provide all the support and training you require to get the most out of KOIOS


Create your Concept Dictionary

Let our Services Team create your concept dictionary and undertake language translations if missing from our extensive KOIOS database


Create your Catalogue Items

Save time and use our Services Team to create some or all of your product specifications and catalogue items on your behalf