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We work with companies that understand that quality data can transform their business.

KOIOS Enables Interoperability

Successful digital transformation needs quality data

For your successful digital transformation, you need quality data driving that change and helping you remove any digital friction in your business. By going back to basics and defining assets from the ground up rather than the traditional method, you will transform the distribution of data both internally and externally to your organisation.

Digital transformation will help give you the edge you need to get ahead of your competition and be able to offer a whole new world of insight and new services that will help accelerate the flywheel.

We help you transform your business, supply chain and trade ecosystems

With Quality data that is understood by everyone in your ecosystem, you can transform your business by smashing the data silos that exist, and transfer data with all parties in the supply and trade ecosystems that are essential in taking your products to market.

Create and manage your own multilingual data dictionary

Create and manage your own cloud based, multilingual data dictionary and share it globally with all the parties in your ecosystem. Use the dictionary to drive every aspect of your data, onboarding, governing and cleansing as well as making it available in the appropriate format for its transfer globally across multiple parties. The service allows you to internationalise your data, and make it available in multiple natural languages simultaneously.

Map the data in your systems, using international standards and data from manufacturers

We enable you to map the data in your systems in the KOIOS dictionary (thesaurus), keeping the original names and descriptions that you used and making adoption easier and seamless. Once defined, used many many times.

Create digital data for paperless trade

Digital trade is now a reality. Legislation is rapidly being passed globally to enable it and replace the existing outdated, paper based systems. Quality data, in the appropriate format from the source, is essential to enable the transfer of data digitally while being enhanced with new and important fields of data as the process accelerates. Manufacturers, distributors, end users, logistics, finance, and Customs entities among others all need to speak the same language.

KOIOS Software Suite

The cloud based KOIOS Software Suite will accelerate the transformation and reinvention of your business into a modern data first business. Our software allows you to onboard, govern and transform your data across all your business applications

Uniquely built from the ground up including a pre-populated, international standards based dictionary and multilingual thesaurus. Our highly accurate, globally recognised definitions enable your data to be exchanged digitally and without any loss of meaning

The KOIOS Software Suite will give you the quality data you need for your ERP and PIM systems, international global catalogues, and it is the key for digital international trade – your Electronically Transferable Records (ETR’s). We also facilitate the journey to reinventing your data for blockchain and artificial intelligence with high quality data.

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