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KOIOS Community

A trusted community of manufacturers, distributors and end users who collaborate to improve efficiencies and lower costs in supply chain and MRO operations through the exchange of quality data

KOIOS Software Suite

We have developed intelligent, cloud based, master data management (MDM) software for the KOIOS Community that use International Standards to improve the quality and exchangeability of master data


Save time and money by creating a single version of the truth for your product data that your customers can access
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Increase sales and customer satisfaction by automatically populating your eCommerce site with accurate quality data
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End users

Increase the efficiency of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul operations by using quality master data
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End users

Our software enables the KOIOS Community to exchange quality data

Trustworthy data

Data in the KOIOS Specification Library is uploaded by the Manufacturer of the product itself giving it provenance, ensuring that the quality data is complete and correct.

Data for all your systems

Data in the KOIOS software is exchangeable in an open computer interpretable format so it can be exchanged between computer systems

Multilingual data

Consistent, accurate quality data available in multiple languages makes it easy for customers worldwide to select products and utilise product data in a language of their choice

More efficient supply chains

The KOIOS Specification Library contains a digital, single version of the truth to use throughout the supply chain. Access the same data so everyone is talking about the same thing!

We serve multiple industries and sectors

Oil and gas


Power Transmission


The KOIOS Specification Library

A global catalogue of high-quality product data, directly from the manufacturer of the product, that can be used to generate accurate master data for the entire supply chain.

Cataloguing at source now comes alive with the KOIOS Community. End-users in the community are able to import product specifications created by the very people that manufactured the item, without third parties manipulating the data. These descriptions can be imported into your “PO text” field in full, and you can create consistent “short descriptions”, ensuring reduced search times for users of your system. Data cleaning is thus turned on its head by the use of data that is trustworthy. Now that is disruptive! “

Peter Eales
KOIOS Master Data

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Standard based disruptive MDM technology

Ask your MDM software supplier a simple question, which data quality standard is your software based on? Is it the standard that allows you to exchange multiple language specifications, portable data in other parlance? Is it the standard that allows for interoperability through the exchange of digital data? Is it the standard that enables the semantic web by creating open, computer interpretable data?

Manufacturers will welcome the introduction of ISO 8000-115

Manufacturers are increasingly concerned about how their master data is being represented on various websites, web stores, and in the systems of distributors and product end-users. Organizations collect master data from other organizations and reference and manage...

The new paradigm for managing product master data

The management of product master data is having a revolution. The excellent data quality standards ISO 22745 and ISO 8000 from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland,  have changed everything. In order to adapt organisations...